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May 11, 2009 at 3:24 pm (Internet) (, , )

I’ve always found it odd how random people get to my blog via search engine terms. How the heck did they end up here? I mean, aren’t Google searches based off of some sort of freaky algorithm about pages linking to other pages and something something I dunno?

Here are the search terms used to find my blog from the other day:
Google search terms

I looked up each term in Google. For not one of them does my site show up on the first couple of pages. However, if you use the above terms to search for images – there it is – the image I used and my site are there on the first page. The second image even for some terms!


I have no idea why or how this happens – it just does. I guess images aren’t sorted in any particular relevant order. I mean, if that were the case, wouldn’t pictures from more official capacities show up? Even fan pages would be more a more appropriate source for images. I used the image once and spoke briefly about the subject. It’s not like I have entire galleries dedicated to Chie, Bones, or Genma.

I dunno. This whole thing is kinda weird. And yet, I’m sorta astonished (and even a little proud) at having something on the first page of a Google search. And this isn’t some lame thing like Googling my name!

I wonder what it’s like for the people finding my page expecting a plethora of images of Chie or Genma, only to find my blog. Ha! It’s like being Rick Rolled. I am unintentionally Rick Rolling the Internet?


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