Linky Links 8-27-09

August 27, 2009 at 1:09 pm (Link Dump)

I have way too many good links to share today to make as individual posts on Facebook, so I’m just gonna lump ’em all into one blarg post. [mario]Here we go![/mario]

An image linked to me by someone from Twitter! I forget who. Too bad.



That freaking wins.


RIBA: Robot for Interactive Body Assistance. Basically a robot designed to help nurses and such to lift patients out of bed, off the toilet, etc. It looks like a bear. Leave it to the Japanese.

See more here:


Poodles, transform and roll out!


Cruelty to animals? =p See more here.


Asian Poses. It’s not porn. I PROMISE. That whole bug-eyed, cutsey thing is an odd trend.


We end with Mario.


The display can be found at a Safeway in California. Yes, that’s all cases of soda. Crazy.

See original story and larger image on Kotaku.


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You’re Closer to 40 than 30

May 1, 2009 at 9:42 am (Internet, Link Dump) (, )

[Note: Formatting got all kinds of effed up. I’ve been trying to fix but shit just don’t wanna stay! I don’t wanna jump into the html crap so I’m just going to leave it. I think you can get the gist of it, even with the text slightly off on the cat-cat-dog picture story.]

Or, “It’s May Day”.

Man, May Day was such a big deal in elementary school. I feel it’s kind of odd because I’d bet most of the students don’t even know what May Day is about. Hell, I still don’t! [BRB wikipedia lawl]

I started reading and quickly lost interest. It’s here if it’s something you’d like to look into. Something about labor and religion and weather. I dunno. Let’s all just go dance around the May Pole.

Oh, yeah. 27? Yup, 27.

I have an overabundace of *ahem* IMAGEEESSSSS FROOOM THE INNNNTERNEEEET (echo echo echo) I want to share with everyone. 56kers beware! [Ha! As if there were still such a thing!]

muWhat? Don’t get it? Too bad!





major_pomI’m sure Joel T. will appreciate this. [Cute, cute, and cute. You’re like a poet laureate.]








Dude: Okay, everyone! Family picture time!





Dude: Heeheehee! Get ready!

Center cat: Wait! Stupid dog’s getting in my face!

Left cat: Sigh.


Center cat: Fucker! Move!

Left cat: This will not end well.




Left cat: Do something, idiot!

Dude: Oh, shi…


 Left cat: Do not want.




Left cat: Eff this ess! I’m out.





Le fin.

Nice, huh? I make the best stories. I have a couple more pictures I want to share just as a link because I don’t want to make this post become stupid long.

I leave you with this:


Hadouken or Kamehameha. Take your pick. She looks so ridiculously excited to be doing that. Also, the above image is an animated gif. If you’re reading this on Facebook, I don’t think it’s going to be animated.

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Link Dump 1-30-09

January 30, 2009 at 3:56 pm (Link Dump)

I find a lot of amusing things online. It’s all golden. The only problem is that I find too much. I’m just not able to make blog topics for every single one of them. It’d make my blog into just a link dump. The way I’d really like to do it is through my Twitter but I don’t think anyone I know actually has one, so I’ve decided to occasionally take a link dump and compile a number of amusing sites, videos, or whatever into a single post. I may write some commentary, I may not. Just know that if I post it, I think it’s gold. Some of it’s recent, some of it might be old.

And so, without further adoodoo, I present today’s Link Dump.


  • Kung Fu vs. Yoga: Crazy flexible Yoga master versus two practitioners of Kung Fu. Kinda gross if you don’t like seeing people dislocate things.
  •  Spiders on Drugs: Stick with it. Trust me.
  • Digital TV Transition (for the elderly): A how-to video regarding the transition to digital TV. Y’know, for all those older folk reading my blog.
  • New Chair: Crazy chair made out of I-don’t-know-what. Kind of like the Infinite Dress except you can sit on it.



Weekend at Bernie’s

Yeah, I don’t even know what to say to that. Hit the link for some even crazier ones. Yes, crazier.

Is it Friday? Yes. Yes, it is.

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