Yellow Laser Beam

May 15, 2009 at 3:03 pm (Internet) (, , )

The end of the work week is nearly here for me and I am uncharacteristicallylistening to music. For the most part if I’m listening to anything it’s going to be podcasts of the video game persuasion. Amazon is having its monthly 50/$5 sale going on throughout the month of May – 50 albums for $5 each (mp3 download). I went a bit nuts and ended up getting sixalbums (I mistakenly noted on Facebook that I had purchased seven albums). These sales are absolutely evil because I always end up getting at least four or five albums.

I’ve mentioned this before but while I’d prefer to get hard copies of music you just can’t beat buying entire albums for $5. Often that’s more than half off, sometimes even a third of what you’d pay for the physical CD. I just have to remember to backup the mp3s or else I’ll end up losing them like I lost some when my laptop died.

Here’s what I picked up:

Utada - This is the oneUtada Hikaru – This Is the One : I was a bit surprised to see this one on there. I’d heard some of her Japanese stuff before and thought she was okay. I wasn’t aware she’d been releasing stuff outside of Japan. There’s also quite a bit of info posted in the first comment. I picked it up based off of that comment alone. It remains to be seen if I’ll even listen to it.




Metric - FantasiesMetric  – Fantasies: I’d picked up one of Metric’s previous albums (Old World Underground) and enjoyed it enough to pick up this one without giving the previews a listen.





MC Frontalot - Nerdcore RisingMC Frontalot – Nerdcore Rising : I wanna say he’s got a song on Rock Band. I don’t listen to a lot of rap (insert none) but every now and then I get a hankering to listen to some. I figure I’d give this a go since it’s rap and about stuff I can relate to. Well, maybe “relate” isn’t the best word.

 Edit: Listened to the album and thoroughly enjoyed it.



Ida Maria - Fortress 'round My HeartIda Maria – Fortress ’round My Heart : I’m not sure why I picked this one up. The stuff I previewed had this sort of punk feel to it, with a little bit of pop thrown in. Remains to be seen if I’ll even give it a chance.




Ladyhawke - LadyhawkeLadyhawke – Ladyhawke : She’s playing Nintendo and has a Zapper in her pants. And cats! That’s what initially brought my eye to the album cover. I gave the previews a listen and it has this 80s vibe going for it. I dug it so I bought it.




Cut Copy - In Ghost ColoursCut Copy – In Ghost Colours : Another band with an 80s sound. Listening to it right now and it’s catchy.





“Yellow Laser Beam” is the title to a MC Frontalot song on the Nercore Rising album. Here are the lyrics. Yes, it is what you think it is.

Well, it’s Friday. I’ll leave you guys with the following image. I’m probably going to regret it later. Have a good weekend, everyone.

panty explosion


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Google Search Terms

May 11, 2009 at 3:24 pm (Internet) (, , )

I’ve always found it odd how random people get to my blog via search engine terms. How the heck did they end up here? I mean, aren’t Google searches based off of some sort of freaky algorithm about pages linking to other pages and something something I dunno?

Here are the search terms used to find my blog from the other day:
Google search terms

I looked up each term in Google. For not one of them does my site show up on the first couple of pages. However, if you use the above terms to search for images – there it is – the image I used and my site are there on the first page. The second image even for some terms!


I have no idea why or how this happens – it just does. I guess images aren’t sorted in any particular relevant order. I mean, if that were the case, wouldn’t pictures from more official capacities show up? Even fan pages would be more a more appropriate source for images. I used the image once and spoke briefly about the subject. It’s not like I have entire galleries dedicated to Chie, Bones, or Genma.

I dunno. This whole thing is kinda weird. And yet, I’m sorta astonished (and even a little proud) at having something on the first page of a Google search. And this isn’t some lame thing like Googling my name!

I wonder what it’s like for the people finding my page expecting a plethora of images of Chie or Genma, only to find my blog. Ha! It’s like being Rick Rolled. I am unintentionally Rick Rolling the Internet?

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Feel Like Chicken Tonight

May 8, 2009 at 12:09 pm (Internet, lunch) (, , )

Anyone hear about this free KFC grilled chicken coupon thing? Apparently Oprah is hosting this and you can download the coupon and present it to a KFC to receive two free pieces of their new grilled chicken along with a biscuit and two sides. What? You want the link? I wouldn’t bother but here you go. I actually downloaded the coupon and thought about going on the first day, just to see how the food was. Well, of course, I was too lazy.

There are stories going around the Internet that the KFCs are running out of chicken. Not only that but franchise KFCs are not accepting the coupon because Oprah is only reimbursing the corporate owned stores. Shit’s hitting the fan!

Anyway, I wouldn’t bother going to a KFC until this whole shitstorm is over. The coupon expires on 5/19/09.

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You’re Closer to 40 than 30

May 1, 2009 at 9:42 am (Internet, Link Dump) (, )

[Note: Formatting got all kinds of effed up. I’ve been trying to fix but shit just don’t wanna stay! I don’t wanna jump into the html crap so I’m just going to leave it. I think you can get the gist of it, even with the text slightly off on the cat-cat-dog picture story.]

Or, “It’s May Day”.

Man, May Day was such a big deal in elementary school. I feel it’s kind of odd because I’d bet most of the students don’t even know what May Day is about. Hell, I still don’t! [BRB wikipedia lawl]

I started reading and quickly lost interest. It’s here if it’s something you’d like to look into. Something about labor and religion and weather. I dunno. Let’s all just go dance around the May Pole.

Oh, yeah. 27? Yup, 27.

I have an overabundace of *ahem* IMAGEEESSSSS FROOOM THE INNNNTERNEEEET (echo echo echo) I want to share with everyone. 56kers beware! [Ha! As if there were still such a thing!]

muWhat? Don’t get it? Too bad!





major_pomI’m sure Joel T. will appreciate this. [Cute, cute, and cute. You’re like a poet laureate.]








Dude: Okay, everyone! Family picture time!





Dude: Heeheehee! Get ready!

Center cat: Wait! Stupid dog’s getting in my face!

Left cat: Sigh.


Center cat: Fucker! Move!

Left cat: This will not end well.




Left cat: Do something, idiot!

Dude: Oh, shi…


 Left cat: Do not want.




Left cat: Eff this ess! I’m out.





Le fin.

Nice, huh? I make the best stories. I have a couple more pictures I want to share just as a link because I don’t want to make this post become stupid long.

I leave you with this:


Hadouken or Kamehameha. Take your pick. She looks so ridiculously excited to be doing that. Also, the above image is an animated gif. If you’re reading this on Facebook, I don’t think it’s going to be animated.

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Amazon MS Points Sale

April 23, 2009 at 2:47 pm (Internet, video games) (, )

[ link]

Buy a digital 4000 Xbox LIVE points card before May 1, 2009 and you’ll receive a $10 promotional credit to use in the Xbox LIVE Store. You can never have too many points, but if this one time 4000 points are too many, then pick up a digital 1600 points card and you’ll receive a $5 promotional credit to use in the Xbox LIVE Store.


Limit one credit per household. Offer valid from 12:00 AM Pacific Time on 04/22/09 to 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 05/02/09. This offer may not be combined with other offers or promotional certificates. Purchase one of the qualifying digital products from the list below and within two business days you will receive an e-mail letting you know that a discount has been applied to your account, and you can return and use your credit in the Xbox LIVE Store.

Essentially? Buy a 1600 point card ($19.99) and get a $5 credit be used on Amazon’s Xbox Live store (or a 4000 point card to get a $10 credit). You can only do this ONCE, so you can get either 5 or 10 dollars worth of credit. The Amazon store only carries MS points and Arcade games at the moment. Still, if you’re like me and frequently buy Arcade games, this is free money. Plus, buying things off of Amazon allows you to bypass tax (in most areas)! Screw you, 4.712%!

[BLAHBLAHBLAH yes i’m aware that techincally we’re supposed to report this stuff to the state to be taxed BLAHBLAHBLAH]

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Women-Only Parking Spots

April 16, 2009 at 3:13 pm (Internet) (, , )

[Gah, stupid Facebook. I would’ve posted this just as a link over there but the number of characters you can put in the comment box is restricted. So boo, here it is as a real post on the blarlarlarlarg]



The “pink lines”, painted pink, are 2.5 meters wide rather than the standard 2.3, offering aid to women drivers unskilled at parking.

Oooh, pink. And a flower! Girls like both, right? The wider stalls should make parking a whole lot easier for you ladies! ‘Cause, y’know, women aren’t nearly as skilled at driving compared men.

Actually, there may be a less egregious reason for all of this, according to one of the commentors:

I suspect that the parking spaces are actually a safety measure, so that women can more quickly get inside after parking at night. That would explain why the article also mentions new street lights being installed.

The “unskilled women drivers” thing is probably an invention of the reporter. Frankly, journalism in South Korea lacks high standards of professionalism.

Well, that’s no fun.

[lololololol s. korea is sexist!!!11]

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April 16, 2009 at 10:50 am (Internet) ()

I would’ve just posted this as a link on Facebook but the Craigslist posting had been removed from the site. An amusing post about a date between a man and woman, a car, and poop. Text below.

Date: 2009-01-25, 8:53PM PST

We met on Craigslist so I am hoping that this post finds you. I know that it could quite possibly be the most humiliating first date that you have ever been on, but I am willing to look past that.

I thought we had chemistry sitting at McMenamins sharing that basket of Cajun Tots while drinking the Terminator Stout. I really felt like there was a connection there. I found you to be intelligent and witty and looked forward to further conversation with you.

At some point in life, everyone has gambled on a fart and lost. It just happened to be on a first date in the passenger seat of my car. Please don’t feel bad. The package I sent you with Pepto the next day and the note that said “First dates are always a crap shoot. Call me” was meant to be funny, not offensive.

I have gambled on a fart and lost on multiple occasions. The first time I did it was very memorable. It happened when I was five and sitting on my uncle’s lap. I am lactose intolerant, but love cheese. I probably win 95% of the time, but I don’t think anyone wins 100% of the time. That’s why they call it “gambling”. I’m the last person to judge you for crapping your pants. In fact, I am impressed by your boldness. The timing on the other hand, could have been a tad bit better…like when you’re not sitting on a heated leather seat…

What I am trying to say is that if you want to go out again, I would be more than happy to take you someplace where we can get a meal that is high in fiber and less taxing on the digestive tract.

I await your call,

P.S. – If you shat yourself on purpose to end the evening early…Touché…

Fake? Maybe, but amusing nonetheless.

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Tweet Tweet

April 1, 2009 at 10:46 am (Internet) (, , )

twitter-1Twitter is such an oddity. You can make these updates that are 140 characters or less that get posted to your Twitter page or where ever you decide to stick them via RSS, be it your blog or Facebook. They’re like mini-blogs; bloggettes if you will. I’ve become addicted to it. I check it pretty frequently – maybe every hour – to see what’s up with the people I’m following. Who am I following? Mostly people in the video game industry. I’d follow people I know but I don’t know anyone who uses Twitter.

The people I follow regularly update their Twitter, twittering various things such as articles they’ve written, videos they’ve made, or pretty much anything. I find a few of the links I share or post about from people I’m following. I think it’s a pretty great application for something that’s essentially a bunch of blogs tied together via RSS aggregators. I’m sure it’s a bit more complex than that but that’s how I treat it.

The recent Facebook update really pushed the “what are you currently doing?” aspect of the website in a direction more akin to Twitter. I’m more apt to update something like the Facebook updater than Twitter because people will actually see that. I’d probably find Twitter more attractive if I had an iPhone or similiar type phone from which to tweet. “Tweet”. I have a strong dislike for that word.

Oh, I don’t think I mentioned my Twitter yet. It’s Nothing fancy. Feel free to check it out but I don’t update it all. I have it tied to my blog so it appears on the right column but after just checking my site it doesn’t appear to be working right now. Oh, well!

Oh, crap. I forgot about the whole reason I wanted to write this blog. I have a dog following me! His name’s Cisco and you can find him at Cisco is owned by one of the people I’m following, Karen Chu of I don’t know. I forget where she works. I just know she used to work at It’s probably just her or her husband twittering but I just found it kind of cute and decided to follow the dog. One day I found that the dog started following me! I don’t know if that’s supposed to be some sort of Twitter custom to do so. “Hey you started following me so I’ll follow you” kind of thing.

Uhm, I’m hungry and don’t know how to end this so here’s a picture of a cat.


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Cat Shit One

March 30, 2009 at 3:41 pm (Internet) ()

Call of Duty 4 + cute animals = Cat Shit One. It’s just so weird seeing these cutely rendered animals shooting at each other with guns.


But where are the cats? Hunh, it’s called Apocalypse Meow in the US. Hah.

Oh my gosh, I am so glad I threw open a new tab to look up “Apocalypse Meow”. Wikipedia strikes again!

The manga depicts the characters as different animals according to their nationality as follows:

The depiction of Americans as rabbits is actually a pun on the Japanese word for rabbit. The Japanese word for rabbit is “うさぎ,” which can be romanized as “USAGI.” USA + GI = USAGI.

USAGI. Loves it.



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Metal Wolf Chaos

March 4, 2009 at 3:21 pm (Internet, video games) (, , )

Broken pixels Metal Wolf Chaos

Check it out! It’s the Broken Pixels gang (Shane, Crispin, Sean Baby) of playing the Japanese import-only title Metal Wolf Chaos for original Xbox. The story? You are the President of the United States of America. Some bad stuff is happening so you decide to take the situation into your own hands and pilot a super-duper mech robot and stop the terrorists yourself. It was something like that. Anyway, that doesn’t matter – you are the President and you pilot a mech.

I’d actually played a demo a few years ago from an OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) disc. It was weird the way you had to access it – you had to input a code to get to the demo. It was sort of an easter egg. As you’ll see from the video it has awful dialogue, but that doesn’t matter because you get to pilot a super-awesome mech and blow shit up!


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