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*Ahem* Excuse me. I mean, YouTube. I am an avid fan of YouTube, as I’m sure you all are. You can find nearly anything on that site! Music videos, clips of shows, the opening to that cartoon from the early 80s – an assortment of goodies. I’m subscribed to a fair number of people on YouTube, with their content varying from the standard vlog (or video weblog) to whole skits involving green screens and even construction paper cutouts.

Probably my favorite YouTube celebrity is Natalie Tran. You can find her videos under her Communitychannel tag. She’s an early 20-something year old girl from Australia who does comedic videos about friends and life in general (man, was that a generic statement or what?). Often times she’ll play multiple roles in her videos using editing  to interact with herself. I lurve her (accent). Being from Australia, she has some quirks with the way she pronounces some words. For example, “no” comes out as sort of a “nohwr”. Hm, now that I try to say that out loud it sounds nothing like how she says “no”. Anyway, there’s a subtle “r” at the end of her “no”. I also picked up “youchewb” from her as well.

Kalena’s the one who introduced me to her videos. One of her earliest videos involved her drinking like a quart of milk with Milo in it. This Milo drink intrigued the two of us but we weren’t sure how we’d get a hand on the stuff. I mean, “Milo”? What the eff is that? Turns out it was actually pretty easy to find at Daiei, Longs, or Marukai; we’d just never noticed it. Heck, you can even find those cookies (name escapes me) here now.

Anyway, Kalena and I made a video of our first taste of Milo and I believe she’d replied to Nat’s video with it. I won’t link it because I’m rather akward in the video and I don’t like the sound of my voice. If you’re really curious I’m sure you’ll be able to search for it.

A few others worth mentioning:

  • Cute With Chris: Doesn’t really update anymore but worth going through the backlog. Used to be mostly about people’s cute pets and comedy. He’s become more and more… irate, I suppose.
  • Happy Slip: Another comedic channel. 1st gen (?) Filipino lady. Talented musician. Can do a great Filipino accent.
  • Mugumogu: A portly Scottish Fold cat named Maru from Japan. You’ve probably seen some of his videos.
  • thewinekone: Amusing Asian dude from Canada. He’s gotten kinda weird.  I mean, he was weird before but it’s kinda creepy now.

Can you tell I got lazy? Lists are way better (and easier). It’s Aloha Friday and all that jazz. Have a good weekend, everyone.


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