August 12, 2009 at 11:58 am (Uncategorized)

An odd thought popped into my head while at work. In high school, I took Japanese all four years because I like easy A’s. Even though I only have a conversational ability to speak Japanese, I took to the grammar and character writing pretty easily. As such, I was often one of the first people to finish their class work (not gloating here, getting to the point). This allowed the people around me to copy my work. This spread outward from me until everyone had completed the assignment. Occasionally, someone from the other side of the classroom will break this chain by coming straight over to my desk to copy my work.

Now, to be fair, not everybody copied my work, and this usually happened on the more difficult worksheets that called for translating English words written in Katakana back to English (i.e. orenji written in Katakana is translated to Orange). Of course, everybody copied off of everybody in high school. It was all about taking the easy way out so it didn’t bother me that people copied my work.

This reminds me about the guy behind me in Shima’s class who was one lazy sumbitch. Neil something, I think. He cheated off of me all through the class. And I let him. I was a bit of a pushover during my school years. Maybe I still am in some regards. He was a nice guy though, if not a bit wired.

Or maybe I just made up all of this in my head to make myself feel better about high school.



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