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More like bago-OWNED. (… What? O.o)

2009-08-30 14.30.04So I’m in the kitchen washing dishes, when something odd catches my eye. It’s purple, it’s metallic, I have no idea what it is. I mean, look at it! Damnit. No, not the soda crackers. Forget the Diamond soda crackers. Focus!

Sorry! Sorry. I didn’t mean to yell. C’mon, stop crying. We’ll go to McDonald’s later. Okay? Okay.

Now, about the clear purple and metallic thing. It was odd looking. Sort of like a toy. Or maybe a bell of some sort.

After finishing up the dishes I decided to take a closer look. Picking it up, I noticed it had some kind of nozzle on one end. “Weird”, I thought. Kinda looks like a squirt gun, maybe?



2009-08-30 14.30.32

squirt gun?

2009-08-30 14.30.45Looking on one end I see some text: “push here”. Okay!

A little bit of liquid comes squirting out of the nozzle end into my hand. “Hunh. Water. Boooring.” Then I notice a floral smell.

“What the heck?”




Apparently, it’s one of those sample things. What’s it doing in my kitchen? But the smell. The smell just isn’t washing away. Bah. At least it isn’t too bad.

Anyway, back to my laundry. Bleh.

(Phew! Finished up this post before my laptop’s battery died. Go me.)


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Linky Links 8-27-09

August 27, 2009 at 1:09 pm (Link Dump)

I have way too many good links to share today to make as individual posts on Facebook, so I’m just gonna lump ’em all into one blarg post. [mario]Here we go![/mario]

An image linked to me by someone from Twitter! I forget who. Too bad.



That freaking wins.


RIBA: Robot for Interactive Body Assistance. Basically a robot designed to help nurses and such to lift patients out of bed, off the toilet, etc. It looks like a bear. Leave it to the Japanese.

See more here:


Poodles, transform and roll out!


Cruelty to animals? =p See more here.


Asian Poses. It’s not porn. I PROMISE. That whole bug-eyed, cutsey thing is an odd trend.


We end with Mario.


The display can be found at a Safeway in California. Yes, that’s all cases of soda. Crazy.

See original story and larger image on Kotaku.

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*Ahem* Excuse me. I mean, YouTube. I am an avid fan of YouTube, as I’m sure you all are. You can find nearly anything on that site! Music videos, clips of shows, the opening to that cartoon from the early 80s – an assortment of goodies. I’m subscribed to a fair number of people on YouTube, with their content varying from the standard vlog (or video weblog) to whole skits involving green screens and even construction paper cutouts.

Probably my favorite YouTube celebrity is Natalie Tran. You can find her videos under her Communitychannel tag. She’s an early 20-something year old girl from Australia who does comedic videos about friends and life in general (man, was that a generic statement or what?). Often times she’ll play multiple roles in her videos using editing  to interact with herself. I lurve her (accent). Being from Australia, she has some quirks with the way she pronounces some words. For example, “no” comes out as sort of a “nohwr”. Hm, now that I try to say that out loud it sounds nothing like how she says “no”. Anyway, there’s a subtle “r” at the end of her “no”. I also picked up “youchewb” from her as well.

Kalena’s the one who introduced me to her videos. One of her earliest videos involved her drinking like a quart of milk with Milo in it. This Milo drink intrigued the two of us but we weren’t sure how we’d get a hand on the stuff. I mean, “Milo”? What the eff is that? Turns out it was actually pretty easy to find at Daiei, Longs, or Marukai; we’d just never noticed it. Heck, you can even find those cookies (name escapes me) here now.

Anyway, Kalena and I made a video of our first taste of Milo and I believe she’d replied to Nat’s video with it. I won’t link it because I’m rather akward in the video and I don’t like the sound of my voice. If you’re really curious I’m sure you’ll be able to search for it.

A few others worth mentioning:

  • Cute With Chris: Doesn’t really update anymore but worth going through the backlog. Used to be mostly about people’s cute pets and comedy. He’s become more and more… irate, I suppose.
  • Happy Slip: Another comedic channel. 1st gen (?) Filipino lady. Talented musician. Can do a great Filipino accent.
  • Mugumogu: A portly Scottish Fold cat named Maru from Japan. You’ve probably seen some of his videos.
  • thewinekone: Amusing Asian dude from Canada. He’s gotten kinda weird.  I mean, he was weird before but it’s kinda creepy now.

Can you tell I got lazy? Lists are way better (and easier). It’s Aloha Friday and all that jazz. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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An odd thought popped into my head while at work. In high school, I took Japanese all four years because I like easy A’s. Even though I only have a conversational ability to speak Japanese, I took to the grammar and character writing pretty easily. As such, I was often one of the first people to finish their class work (not gloating here, getting to the point). This allowed the people around me to copy my work. This spread outward from me until everyone had completed the assignment. Occasionally, someone from the other side of the classroom will break this chain by coming straight over to my desk to copy my work.

Now, to be fair, not everybody copied my work, and this usually happened on the more difficult worksheets that called for translating English words written in Katakana back to English (i.e. orenji written in Katakana is translated to Orange). Of course, everybody copied off of everybody in high school. It was all about taking the easy way out so it didn’t bother me that people copied my work.

This reminds me about the guy behind me in Shima’s class who was one lazy sumbitch. Neil something, I think. He cheated off of me all through the class. And I let him. I was a bit of a pushover during my school years. Maybe I still am in some regards. He was a nice guy though, if not a bit wired.

Or maybe I just made up all of this in my head to make myself feel better about high school.


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