One in 8 Million

February 27, 2009 at 3:13 pm (Internet)

New York Characters in Sound and Images.

Check it out. Very cool New York Times series using interviews, sounds, and images to tell their stories.


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Lemon Dance Party

February 25, 2009 at 3:48 pm (Uncategorized)


Yeah, I got nothin’. I’ve been sick the last week or so, so I haven’t felt like posting much, short of some links on Facebook. The sinus pressure!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but my frontpage was sorta whack. There were only supposed to be ten posts listed but it had almost all of my posts and some of them were out of order. I figured out what was wrong and fixed the damn thing. Don’t check the “Stick this post to the front page” box!

I think I may end up putting certain posts behind passwords because apparently my blog is showing up on certain searches (see previous post). Hopefully that helps. What are some of you people looking for?! You make me sick!

I need to get home to play more Street Fighter. SHOYU-KEN! (Soy sauce-Ken for those on the mainland)

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Word of the Day

February 17, 2009 at 1:45 pm (Internet) ()

Today’s Word of the Day is “breast expansion hentai”.


I was wondering why I had more hits than usual the past few days.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible if you decide to throw the above terms into a search engine.

UPDATE 2-18-09:


Seriously? “Hentai milk plant”? One of you guys is just screwing with me, right? Sometimes I hate the Internet.

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What’s For Lunch?

February 13, 2009 at 12:43 pm (lunch) (, )

What’s for lunch! The 2/13/09 edition, courtesy of Panda Express.

Fried rice, orange chicken, mushroom chicken with zucchini

As usual, not enough light, resulting in a slightly blurry picture because I’m going through alcohol withdrawl. Doesn’t it just look absolutely scrumptious?!

I also took a picture my camera phone’s flash. Sure, it came out less blurry but it…well, take a look yourself.

Shiny Chinese

Shiny Chinese

My Chinese food, it glistens.
Oh, almost forgot about my fortune cookie. Let’s see…

Someone’s kindness will surprise and delight you

Oh, really?

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Top Gear

February 10, 2009 at 1:59 pm (Internet) (, )

Anyone catch that show? I’ve caught it a few times on television and seen quite a bit of it on YouTube. I absolutely love the show and the zany things they do with their reviews and such. The last time I saw it on television I think it was on Discovery but I don’t think they show it anymore. Is there a BBC station on digital cable? Also, does anyone else think of the video game before the show when Top Gear is mentioned?

I’ve watched quite a few notable videos today and thought that everyone else would enjoy them as well.  All videos were shamelessly stolen from the Colony of Gamers forum.

In this first video they take the 2009 Ford Fiesta through a multitude of real-life tests. I won’t spoil it for you but it involves malls and storming a beach. Epic.

This one’s two-parter and involves a few of the guys getting $1,000 to purchase a car and drive it through Alabama to Louisiana. There are some harrowing moments in this episode, including nearly getting lynched. Yes, lynched. Them cheeky Brits! Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit but they do drive away from a gas station fearful of their lives.

This is a hilarious episode. They’re all extremely proficient drivers with cars but 18-wheelers are a whole other beast. They each have precious cargo that must remain in tact until they reach the finish line.


I’m working on a real post. Yes, one that doesn’t involve links to YouTube. It’s just harder work. And pictures! Forthcoming soon. Ish.

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Buy Your Own Damn Fries

February 6, 2009 at 2:27 pm (Internet) (, , )

Barack Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit

Essentially? There’s an audiobook version of President Obama’s Dreams For My Father read by the Prez himself. Result? Audio snippets of him cursing! What fun!

Not really. Well, maybe a little amusing, but it just gave me an excuse to post this:



What a jerk.

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Major Bewbage

February 5, 2009 at 3:34 pm (Internet)

Srsly. Major. Bewbage.

Sheyla Hershey’s massive 38KKK breasts have been declared the world’s biggest boob job, according to Britain’s Daily Star.

The 28-year-old, a Texas housewive, has had nine operations to get her up to this size.

She traveled to Brazil to get her last procedure which took her from an FFF to a KKK after Texas officials refused to do it, for fear that her breasts could explode.

Hershey, from Houston, said: “To me, big is beautiful. I don’t think I have anything to worry about.”

Hershey is now in record books for having the biggest breast implants ever, according to Britain’s Daily Star.


Additional photos


That is just mind-boggling. My head asplode. Gah, I’m imagining her chest popping from all of that stress. Not a pretty picture.

It’s funny, you see this kind of crap in video games and anime all the time (okay, maybe not quite that extreme) and it doesn’t really phase you too much. You put the same chest on an actual human being and it just looks absolutely unbelievable. It’s just so out there!

In other crazy women news…

One-night stand man wakes to find lover has carved her name into his arm

Yes, she carved her name into this arm and then went on to make scratches all over his upper body. He woke dripping in blood and got the eff out of there. Apparently he had been drinking and taken some Valium (aka diazepam, a sedative) so I guess that explains why he didn’t wake up.


You can check the link for pictures. It’s nothing too bad. A bunch of scars on his body.



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