Link Dump 1-30-09

January 30, 2009 at 3:56 pm (Link Dump)

I find a lot of amusing things online. It’s all golden. The only problem is that I find too much. I’m just not able to make blog topics for every single one of them. It’d make my blog into just a link dump. The way I’d really like to do it is through my Twitter but I don’t think anyone I know actually has one, so I’ve decided to occasionally take a link dump and compile a number of amusing sites, videos, or whatever into a single post. I may write some commentary, I may not. Just know that if I post it, I think it’s gold. Some of it’s recent, some of it might be old.

And so, without further adoodoo, I present today’s Link Dump.


  • Kung Fu vs. Yoga: Crazy flexible Yoga master versus two practitioners of Kung Fu. Kinda gross if you don’t like seeing people dislocate things.
  •  Spiders on Drugs: Stick with it. Trust me.
  • Digital TV Transition (for the elderly): A how-to video regarding the transition to digital TV. Y’know, for all those older folk reading my blog.
  • New Chair: Crazy chair made out of I-don’t-know-what. Kind of like the Infinite Dress except you can sit on it.



Weekend at Bernie’s

Yeah, I don’t even know what to say to that. Hit the link for some even crazier ones. Yes, crazier.

Is it Friday? Yes. Yes, it is.


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The Joker

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1UP just put up a preview on Batman: Arkham Asylum game and I couldn’t help but smile while watching the video – they’re using the voices for Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Joker (Mark Hamill) from the animated series! I’d actually heard this news previously but there’s just something so right when an animated Batman opens his mouth and Kevin Conroy’s voice comes out.

Now, this got me thinking: I know Mark Hamill is the voice of the Joker in the animated series but I could never see the voice coming out of Hamill’s mouth. I mean, it just doesn’t seem possible so I decided to make it a mission to find a video of Mark Hamill doing the voice of the Joker. I perused a few videos until I found one. It was from G4’s Attack of the Show and it was from a camera recording the TV. Not the greatest video but you do get to hear the Joker’s voice come out of Hamill’s mouth.


Crazy stuff. The first video I found was an extras item from the DVDs, something I’d know had I actually taken the time to unwrap them.

Zombies in area! Run

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EGM Squared

January 28, 2009 at 3:42 pm (Uncategorized)

egm2-01I was reading up on some blog on 1UP and saw EGM2 (Superscript, like with squared. Too lazy to find the html or whatever for it) mentioned. This brought back memories about how this was supposed to be pronounced: EGMTWO or EGMSQUARED. I was squarely (ba dum psshh) in the camp that it was squared. I thought the other kids were stupid. Well, with the Internet being the great pool of information that it is, I decided to look it up. Google time!

The first hit is the Wikipedia entry. I’d been against using Wikipedia as a source of knowledge in the past but I’ve grown to accept it. Well, shit: Despite the superscript in the name, the official name of the magazine is said as “EGM Two” and not “EGM Squared.”

That is so dumb. I hate you Internet. You’re wrong! Why make it a superscript than?! AAAARRGGHHH.

[Can you believe what went on video game magazine covers back then? Good gravy.]

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Show thyself…scary monkey

As a child (Hell, even today!) this was what nightmares were made of. I freakin’ hated this thing. With my grandfather having been in the military, my grandparents have traveled the world and have collected quite a few knickknacks, as you can see from the various ceramic items on the shelf (ceramic cow gravy dish!).

I wasn’t alone in my fear! My brother and cousin shared our fear of wooden-monkey-with-baby-thing. [Jeez, I need to write more words so I can scroll that picture off the screen. That baby monkey is going to jump out and eat my brains.] My brother and cousin are a couple of years younger than I am, so we were pretty close in age. If I was at my grandparent’s house there was a good chance my brother and cousin were there as well, usually because it was for a family gathering. The room that monkey guards was a little creepy, too, especially at night. Two of the walls connecting to the exterior are entirely windows so it was easy to see into the back area, which was usually pitch black because there’s no house behind my grandparents property. You did not want to be the last kid to leave that room and have to turn off the lights. There was a lot of rushing for the door involved when we were done playing there.

The thing still creeps me out when I think about it, but I don’t really notice it anymore. It’s become another one of those little knickknacks in the background. [Looking at the picture, I think it was located on the left side of the doorway when I was younger. Not really adding anything, just something I noticed.]

Another thing that creeped us grandkids out as well was a picture in the room we slept in. It was a shot from a river heading into a forest. I think it was supposed to look serene but it was down right creepy. It was in the painting so the water was black and it was dark. It was like a portal into hell. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it when I was there last.

There’s a waterbed in that room. A waterbed is loads of fun as a kid.

Some good news: I finally got around to calling up HP about my busted notebook. Apparently the hard drive had failed. They sent me a new one. I was rather surprised by that bit. I was thinking I’d have to send it off to them or take it down to a certified HP repair shop down here. Nope, they mailed me a hard drive and they had instructions on how to install it. Rather simple actually – take off some screws, pop off the cover, and the hard drive comes right out – no, wires or anything. I’m not sure if all notebooks are like this but I thought it was rather convenient. I believe the RAM, disc drive, and a few other things can be replaced easily by the customer.

Reading through the instructions for the hard drive replacement, I come across a section regarding using my Windows Recovery Disc to install Windows. Hmmm… I go through my notebook box and don’t see one. Crap: I didn’t make one. I had to call up HP again and they were kind enough to send me a recovery disc for free. I think they usually charge for the recovery disc. Score me!

This was my first time installing Windows on a computer. Wow, talk about time consuming. It took upwards of six hours for the thing to complete.

Kalena said I should make a vlog now that I my notebook working again. Good idea, but will it happen? Mmm, we’ll see. I still have redownload all of my software and get all of bookmarks again. Too bad wallpaper and pictures are gone.

Friday confirmed.

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Second and Eighteen

January 21, 2009 at 2:39 pm (Internet, Uncategorized)

I’m starting to get back into the habit of using song or album titles as blog titles just because, frankly, I can’t think of anything to use. I was scrolling through my library and decided to go with Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives’ (phew!) Second and Eighteen. Second and Eighteen? What’s that? Football? Second down and eighteen yards to go to first? How do I know that? Hmmm…

I was looking up an address on Google Maps…


(Shit, it’s too small and I’m too lazy to redo it. Click on the above image please!)

So I’m looking at it and notice something. Double-u-tee-eff!



Save to My Maps, Get directions…

Weird, though. I wonder why it’s called that. What’s the story? (Wishbone? What’s that you’re dreaming of?)



WordPress is pretty awesome and does a great job of keeping various stats: how many people visit and what pages, if they were linked from somewhere else, and a multitude of other things. WordPress allows to “tag” any post I make, words or phrases I feel are of the main topic(s). Some posts ago I made a topic regarding my stapler at work. Of course, one of my tags was “stapler”. Now, I think WordPress takes my posts with tags and throws them into a pile containing other people’s posts with the “stapler” tag on it. Well, evidently this brought me some traffic (some = one person).


I think this deserves another “O.o” face.

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Unfinished Business

January 13, 2009 at 1:29 pm (Uncategorized, video games) (, , )

Back on 12-22 I’d posted about my new cymbals and bass pedal for my Rock Band 2 drums and that I was going to edit in pictures. Well, I finally got around to pulling the pictures off of my phone and decided to make a new post rather than edit the previous post since it was a few posts ago.


Angled top-down view

bass pedal

With a little bit of tape, I’ve gotten the cymbals to stay in place. They were a bit loose previously so a layer or two of tape around the base allowed the cymbal clamps to tighten enough to stay on. I gotta say, my current set up is pretty awesome. The one thing I regret is not getting the three cymbal pack. It’s feels odd hearing the ride cymbal in the game but hitting one of the pads on the drums.

Sure, with the amount I spent I probably could’ve gotten the basic Ion drumset, sans cymbals. Meh, I’m pretty happy with what I got. I think the only problem with the cymbals now is that I can’t really bang on ’em too hard or it ends up as a double tap. When things really get going and I’m in the zone with the drums, it’s hard not to get excited and want to just bang away on the cymbals.

Speaking of music and Rock Band, I got my ‘The Who: Live at the Kilburn” Blu-ray disc the other day. Kinda underwhelming in the video department, but I wasn’t expecting much to begin with seeing as how the concert was back in 1977. Still, it’s nice to actually see The Who in concert. I watched all of my favorite songs, planning to go back to it and watch it in its entirety later. After watching The Who for a bit I decided to pop in my “Foo Fighters – Live at Wembley Stadium” Blu-ray disc. Man, this is a friggin’ high-definition concert. Everything looks so crisp and clear. And of course, Dave and Foos are in usual raring form.


 They had the usual stage area with the band but it was connected to a rather long runway down into the crowds. Halfway down a mic was set up for Dave to run down to and do a few songs.




12-14-08_1354Here’s Dave himself in glorious HD, something that doesn’t translate so well via my cell phone camera. I gotta say, though, going from The Who disc to this one is like night and day. Go high definition!





Here’s an oldie but goodie: The Foo Fighters playing live and acoustic on Kilborne. Gotta love that solo.


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Bad Dog No Biscuit

January 11, 2009 at 5:03 pm (Internet) (, , )

From Passive Aggressive Notes:

“Once upon a time, our anonymous submitter informs us, a plucky young fellow who goes by the name “fluffy fox” found his way onto the walls of this underutilized florida dorm shower. as an avid personal hygiene enthusiast, fluffy has always been all too willing to provide grime-infested student bodies with his full rundown of bathroom reminders.”


I’ve been doing it all wrong for all these years! Why didn’t anyone tell me?! I’ve always done it in this order:

  1. Rinse hair
  2. Wash hair with shampoo
  3. Rinse hair
  4. Condition hair (optional)
  5. Lather body with soap
  6. Rinse body and conditioner out of hair (if step 4 was taken)
  7. Dry

While yes, the other way has less steps and probably saves a bit of water, I don’t see it as being as effective. I mean, if you rinse your hair and body, turn off the water, lather the body, and then shampoo your hair, wouldn’t it make buliding up a lather difficult since your hair wouldn’t be as wet? I dunno. I think it’s some crazy Mainland thing. You crazy mainland fox!

You know what’s awesome? I’ve had the Zune software on shuffle and awesome songs keep coming up. I do have awesome taste in music. Awesome. Which reminds me – I should do that Facebook thing. Maybe later.

I had a bento from Kuni’s the other day. The other week? Oh, duh. The pictures dated. This was more like three weeks ago. Anyway, this thing is huge. Like, it cost ten dollars huge. I just started digging in to it (you can see the bite I took out of the fish) when I realized something: I have four different animals in my bento.


Hmm, that’s a little hard to read.

  • Upper-left: Teriyaki chicken
  • Upper-center: Fried fish
  • Upper-right: Tonkatsu (Fried Pork)
  • Bottom-right: Teriyaki Beef

Yes, four animals. When I think of it that way it kind of disgusts me. Four different animals died to feed me that day. Kinda morbid. Yep.

To close? The following YouTube clip. What things these kids do with their vidjya games. [As a note, I’m not posting the following video as a “…” (you’ll know when you see it) but because I found it charming, as I do with most of Little Big Planet]


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The Real Folk Blues

January 9, 2009 at 12:53 pm (Internet, video games) (, , , )

I think I’m having an allergic reaction to something. The left side of my upperlip feels numb and bloated. At first I thought it was nothing, maybe just my lip was a little dry. As time went on I noticed it wasn’t a dry feeling but more of a tingly feeling. “Crap.” I realized I was probably having an allergic reaction to something, having had it happen in the past (Clean drinking glass that was not so clean). I head to the bathroom and take a look at myself in the mirror – yup, it’s definitely swollen.

Awesome! But what the heck caused it? For lunch I had a supreme pizza, bread sticks, and a Pepsi from Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. Could it have been that? Perhaps an unclean cup or something. I should probably stop drinking the soda. Y’know, I hope it doesn’t get any worse because I have a dinner thing to go to tonight. If it gets to looking ridiculous I may cancel. I do not feel like having people see me with a swollen lip. Hopefully it’ll just subside in a few hours like last time.

It was not two months ago I swore I’d never eat Pizza Hut for lunch again. I guess it takes about two months for me to forget. I wonder if, because this is an even worse incident related to Pizza Hut than the previous time, it’ll be an even longer time before I have Pizza Hut at work again.

Oh. Did you hear the news?, MyCheats, and GameVideos was purchased by Hearst (UGO). Ziff-Davis, the former owners of the 1UP sites, had been looking to sell off the site for some time due to financial hardships. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) was not included in the sale, with its last magazine being the January 2009 issue. ‘Tis a sad day, indeed. A good forty or so people were let go. ‘Tis a sad day, indeed.

I’ve been a huge fan of the podcasts and video content produced by the 1Up gang. After listening to them on a weekly basis for years now, they felt like close friends. I know, it sounds kind of dumb – I’ve never had any communications with any of them, let alone meeting them in person – but I felt I had this close connection with them after taking in so much of their work. When I first heard the news I was dumbstruck; I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. So many people were out of a job. No more 1UP.FM. No more Lan Party. No more 1UP Show. These were a huge part of my week. I listen to podcasts before bed, when I’m driving (alone), and I had the 1UP Show to look forward to at the end of the work week.

It might seem like I’m being melodramatic about this, and maybe I am, but that’s how I felt. As crappy as this event was, it seems like a lot of the gang is still going on with podcasts (Rebel.FM) and possibly even video stuff.

I just wanna say good luck to all those that lost their jobs, and even to those who didn’t. That must be an akward transition to have to go through. Sure, they’ll never see this but it’s the thought that counts, right?

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