Dead Like Me

November 18, 2008 at 3:31 pm (Internet, Uncategorized) (, )

So I’m browsing the Netflix instant queue section and I see the television series Dead Like Me season 1 and 2 available. Hm, I think I’d heard good things about this show. Meh, I’ll give it a go. If it doesn’t grab me with the pilot I’ll just delete it from my queue. I ended up watching half of the first season in one sitting(14 episodes). Good gravy I am thoroughly enjoying the show.


That’s the cover to season 1 and the first thing that initially grabbed me. I went ahead and read the synopsis available:

“This collection gathers all 14 episodes from the first season of the biting and quick-witted Showtime dramedy “Dead Like Me.” The show centers on a motley crew of grim reapers headed by a droll boss (Mandy Patinkin) and anchored by the group’s college-age newcomer (Ellen Muth), who doesn’t quite know what she’s doing or even why she was chosen for the job in the first place. But soon, she grows to recognize the poetry in her purpose.”

Hunh, I thought it was a HBO show. A “motley crew of grim reapers” eh? Color me intrigued. I don’t want to give too much about the story but it’s essentially about a group of reapers, focusing on one girl named George (Georgia), and her coming to grips with her new found job as a reaper. Great stuff.

Also, this.


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Pardon Me

November 12, 2008 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

…While I burst into tears. Sigh. So here I am typing this out on my desktop – something I haven’t used for quite some time since I had gotten a laptop. I really enjoyed not being tied to a desk while I surfed the web for its various little trinkets. It was nice while it lasted. I’m currently staring at the laptop monitor, its blank gaze staring back at me. I can see that the lights are on but no one’s home. I just want to shake it.

This thing had better be repairable. Fugggg. My links, my pictures, my music – all possibly gone forever into the ether. Man, just what the hell?

EDIT: The day after the horrible incident. I’m not as torn up about it as I think I should be. Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet.

Anyway, Joel, my laptop’s an HP. It was months old. I don’t recall when I bought it but I know it wasn’t that long ago. It was white, oh so purdy, and had a Blu-ray drive in it. Man, I had been putting off purchasing the extended warranty for just a bit too. I think it’s more than likely too late to purchase. Granted, I haven’t actually checked yet but that’s how it often is with extended warranties – you have to purchase them within the refundable time frame.

On an unrelated note, I’ve put up a Twitter feed on the right. I’ll be throwing random crap in there that’s not really blog worthy. You can hit up the direct link here.

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All Work and No Internet…

November 7, 2008 at 10:06 am (Uncategorized)

…Make Kenny go something something. The following is an edited post I made in Microsoft Word because the Internet was out a couple of weeks ago. You have no idea how much it sucks being stuck at work and not having Internet. This happened mid-late October. I’ve had this draft on hold for a couple weeks now. There’s something about not posting something right away that makes me not want to post it (I used “something” and “posting” twice. Nice. Two points). Anyway, now for the feature presentation.

7:30 Got in to work at the usual time. Flicked the light switch only to find it wouldn’t come on. Nothing else was on – no glow from the printer/fax or the phone. Hunh,  power’s out. I can’t do much without a computer at work. Sure, I could’ve done stuff like filing, but it was dark in the office and I wasn’t about to do work in the dark. I think I’m going to take a nap for the time being.


8:30 Power came back on. Scared the crap out of me – lights came on, printers powered on, shredder started shredding. Turned my computer on my computer and noticed that the RSS feed was grabbing anything. Crap, I bet the Internet’s out.


Maybe the blackout knocked out the modem/router. Well, I’d better go reset them, something that isn’t an easy task because it’s located in an incredibly odd spot – outside of the office, in a high, difficult to reach corner. Let’s just say it requires some climbing on my end.


Reset. Hunh, still nothing. I’d better look up the number for the Oceanic Cable Internet status number. D’oh. I was going to look up the number online but that’s something I obviously can’t do at the moment. Old school phonebook it is.


Yup, internet’s out in the area. I feel so… disconnected.


12:55 PM: All work and no Internet make Kenny go something something.


1:50 PM: Thank goodness for my audio/video podcasts and offline mode with Steam. Mmm, Peggle.









And that’s the end of the post. Peggle is so awesome though. I was super glad I had bought it on Steam. Try out the free online version if you haven’t yet. It’s also available on Steam and I think it’s coming to Xbox Live Arcade soon too.

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November 4, 2008 at 9:16 pm (video games) ()


Sigh. I guess it was inevitable. I’ve rocked too hard and there were consequences. Fortunately I hadn’t given away the Rock Band 1 drums yet so I still had the reinforced kick pedal from that. I’ll have to dig up the drum set box to see if it’s still under warranty, but I doubt it.

Give away the RB1 drums? Yeah, I had been planning on unloading giving away the drums and possibly even the RB1 game to one of you lucky folk! Looks like this may not be happening.

First, the elections takes away my House M.D., now this.

(Elections are important, blahblahblah change. I know. Doesn’t mean I can’t be sore about having to missing House tonight and Chuck and Heroes the night before because they decided to show SNL instead.)

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November 4, 2008 at 3:51 pm (Internet) ()

I was supposed to take a half-day today because it’s Elections Day. Yeah, it’s not a real holiday but I wasn’t expecting it to be busy. WRONG. Busy, busy, busy. No half-day for me.

But that’s okay because I found this:

His (her?) name’s Maru. He is awesome.

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